Weekend Update

The Good
Made some crazy delicious muffins – check Harmonious Belly tomorrow for the story.
Went for a run.
Had fun watching the US v. Ghana World Cup game at a local bar. It was loud. Awesome.
Apart from that, got lots of much needed rest.

The Bad
Wasps seem to be building a home under the back deck.
It’s very hot here. We caved and put in the A/C in the living room (I guess that’s both good news and bad news).

The Ugly (Sea Turtles Again)
You can sign this petition or this petition – Tell BP to stop torching endangered sea turtles. ┬áMore and more news reports are coming in about this and it must stop now. ┬áThe Kemp’s Ridley turtle is especially endangered and especially at risk right now, and they need our help.

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